Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the Whoopie Pies stay fresh?  In the sealed bag about 7-10 days.

Can I freeze the Whoopie Pies? Yes!  They freeze and thaw great.

Can I purchase Time Out for Whoopie at the store?  Currently you can purchase Time Out for Whoopie at City Market,  Richmond Market and Beverage, Jericho Market, Shelburne Market, Wally's Place Bagel and Deli, and at Apple Farm Market (seasonally, next to Seb's in South Hero).  

How come the Whoopie Pie size changes?  Depending on the recipe the whoopie pies will rise differently.  Each flavor has its own way that it cooks, so one flavor may look smaller than another, but they all have the same amount of batter.  Also, the beauty of TIme Out for Whoopie is that it is a home bakery.  The weather, my mixer, my oven can all impact the way the whoopie pie rises.  Despite these differences, one thing remains the same, they are all delicious. 

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